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LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Italiano, Norwegian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Japanese
Payment OptionsCredit card, visa card
Pricing $1 per 1 GOLD


  • Thousands of HD sex cams on desktop and mobile.
  • Includes free nudes and sex chat
  • A lot of content is available for free. 


  • The site is a scam and not real
  • Camdolls is a clone of Camster. 
  • You cannot download model videos. 
  • It’s an illegal and unethical site

Camdolls site is a Webcam site with European amateur females! Not just females, though. They have a wide range of live Adult Cams for Free Connect your camera to a total stranger. 

Although, the site is flawed because it’s a replica of a popular cam site (Camster). Every feature or style on Camdoll is a duplication of what is on Camster’s site. 

Signing Up at Camdolls

Because Camdolls is a replica of Camster, the registration process is identical. If you want a seamless experience, you should use Camster. You may watch sexy models do their thing without joining up with Camdolls. However, once you create an account, you will be able to get the most out of these lovely women.

Here’s how you can sign up on Camdolls:

  1. Open the site and click on Free Account. 
  2. Enter your email, nickname, and password.
  3. Select your method of payment.
  4. Create your account.

Once you sign up on Camdoll, you can start watching these horny models wank, masturbate, and go dirty for you. 


There are several types of models available on Camdolls. Although this is fun to discover, it is sad that the camsdolls are obtained from Camster. This leaves you with attractive and hot ladies who are best obtained directly from the source. 

Camdolls have over 2000 hot and sexy models Keep in mind that the model area is not well structured, and while there are many female cams, you’ll need to scroll down or use the search option to locate other genders.


The main audience and the most attractive section on Camdoll site is the ladies’ section. The female section is filtered into several layouts. Hot ladies with wet pussy ready to be sucked and boobs out. 

The girls’ layout has different types based on ethnicity and preference. But you’d surely enjoy yourself and fulfill your sexual urge.  

These girls are ready to do any wild thing you want them to. From BDSM to masturbating and dildo play. They are ready to get naughty and dirty with you. 


If you prefer some hot-ass sexy college boys, Camdolls has a section for hot dudes too. Maybe you are gay or a straight woman; there are different hot dudes you can, masturbate to and lick their ass. But that’s if you can get past the ridiculous ads on Camdolls. 

Men on Camdolls have exceptional sex treats to offer. Such as nipple sucking, toe licking, fingering, and other mind-blowing sexual activities


There are several couple cams available on Camdolls. Even if you don’t look for it, there’s a high possibility you’ll notice a couple of cameras on the site. Lesbian, gay, and straight couples will be getting eager and wet for you.

As you browse the shows, you will also come across threesomes and group sex performances. If you can’t locate them, you may use the search tool to look for them explicitly. Couple and threesome are good search phrases. They help you well by doing sexual touches your partner could not do. 


You may also enjoy wanking to these hotties because Camdolls has a good range of trans models. Simply searching for trans will bring up all of the trans models on Camdolls. There are also trans couples to watch. 

There are also trans couples who will do the dirty at your direction. Unfortunately, all models on Camdolls are clone are taken from Camster.

Model’s Profile 

camdolls chat

Before you start wanking or showing your dick to the sexy hotties on Camdolls, you can check out their profiles to learn more about them and see reviews from other viewers. Click on the live show, and once you scroll down, the model’s profile is clear. Which is exactly the same as on Camster

In the profile, you can view a short bio of the model, what turns them on, and their expertise. You can see about the model, appearance, and features, too, down to their cup size, pubic hair, their fetish, and sexual orientation. The profile includes photos and videos of the model, mostly paid. 

Camdolls Chat Features 

Like every other cam site, Camdolls allows you to have an interactive session with models through chatting. Camdolls allows you to watch models live in public shows for free, and then you can pay to take them to private shows. You can watch it directly on Camster to get the best from these sexy models.

The chat feature on Camdolls is the same as on Camster, it’s best if you use Streamate directly instead of Camdolls. There are different kinds of shows on Camdolls and also chat features that will improve your experience. Plus, you can use the chat features without signing up. 


How to Chat 

It is easy to chat with models when you use Camdolls. All you need to do is click on the show that catches your eye. You can explore the selection of male and female models that are live at that point in time and click on one. This takes you directly to the show that you want to watch. 

You can start watching the model in the public show and send messages in the chat box on the right side of the screen. It allows you to send messages and view messages from other viewers. It will also show activities like who sent tokens and more on Camster. 

You may compose a message, change the background music, and play games with the model. You may view a bit from their profile if you scroll down.

Camdolls Streaming Quality 

It’s not unexpected that Camdolls has outstanding streaming quality, especially given that Camster provides top-tier quality to its viewers. You can readily see the models and all of their gorgeous displays, from moist pussies to plump boobs. The quality of the streaming is determined by your internet connection.

Several variables influence the streaming rate of Camdolls, including the user’s internet connection speed, the quality of the model’s webcam, and the server’s capabilities.

Depending on the user’s connection, Camdolls with high-definition (HD) streaming quality provides a crisp and sharp image. Whether it is powerful or not. Typically, the streaming quality is measured in frames per second (fps), with most Camdolls giving 30 fps or greater.

Some Camdolls additionally provide various streaming quality options, allowing customers to choose the level that best matches their internet connection speed. Finally, Camdolls offer a high streaming quality.


Camdolls makes use of a premium rate to allow users to pay.  The currency used in Camster is called GOLD, and this is the same with Camdolls. The cam site allows its users to pay for shows and pay tips with GOLD. 

On Camdolls, private performances can cost up to $8 per minute. If you wish to buy the models’ videos or images, you may do so in real-world cash for as little as $10 or as much as $100. Below are other rates on Camdolls.

You can get 120 free credits when you first sign up. Credits are sold in bundles, starting at 180 credits for $5. This comes with 135 credits free. You can also pay for the VIP membership and get free credits. 

Payment Methods 

There are different payment methods available to the users on Camdolls. When you want to sign up on the cam site, you will choose the payment method that you will be using. They include

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Instant Bank Transfer,
  • PayPal

It’s not advisable to share your banking information with Camdolls since the site is a clone. 

Camdolls Mobile Site 

If you want to view the attractive cam ladies on Camdoll while you’re on the move, the site is mobile-friendly. The mobile version, like everything else on this site, is a clone of Camster. This suggests it is well-designed and simple to use. It also works with a variety of browsers and devices.

There is a drop-down box that allows you to select the desired category, whether ladies or boys, as well as the many filters such as hairy pussy, medium tits, non-nude, and more. When you click on the program, it will appear at the top of the screen, with a chat box at the bottom. It’s also simple to get to the profile from there.

camdolls mobile

Camdolls Verdict 

Camdoll is a clone of the Camster site. Which makes them less authentic. It’s not reliable to watch your sex content on a clone site because it is a scam. Instead, you can look out for more reliable sites like the original version of Camdolls, which is Camster. 

Even if they are operated by one of the main larger adult webcam sites, they are always fraudulent; nonetheless, it is always necessary to both know the primary business you are using and be aware of direct choices.

It is also critical to consider the ethical and legal ramifications of utilizing a website like Camdolls since such websites may participate in or enable unethical or criminal acts such as human trafficking, exploitation, or the sharing of non-consensual or underage content.


Is Camdolls Safe? 

Camdolls sites might portray themselves to users as safe, but they are not.  It’s a clone site. It is not suggested to provide this website with your personal or banking information because there is no information on the proprietors. 

Otherwise, be careful when entering personal information or payment details online, and before using any website, investigate its privacy policies and security procedures.

Is Camdolls a Scam? 

Yes, Camdolls is a scam because it cloned everything on Camster and their way of doing things, from the models to payment and chat features. It’s more like a replica of Camster, where Camster is the better site.

How Do I Sign Up as a Performer on Camdolls? 

You should verify Camster before signing up as a performer on Camdolls, as Camdolls is a clone website. And it’s best if you go to Camster and sign up to be a performer there. Check Camster to avoid being scammed on Camdolls.

Can I Use Camdolls for Free? 

Yes,  Camdolls made their site free in order to get more users, knowing they cloned a better cam website (Camster). 

Users may be required to pay some amount or subscribe to a premium membership in order to fully access Camdolls’ services. 

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