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Languages:Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Svenska, Norsk and Nederlands. 
Payment Options:PayPal, Credit cards, Sofort, iDeal, Paysafecard.
Pricing:$2 – $3.50 per minute.


  • It offers many categories to explore.
  • Has reliable customer service. 
  • Clients can chat with the models and get to know them individually.


  • The prices of private shows depend on the model; if you disagree with it, you will have to exit. 
  • CamModels is a clone version of Streamate. 
  • The site is unoriginal.
  • A minimal selection of trans and couples cams.

CamModels is an adult webcam sex site that offers its users a wide variety of erotic videos and a suitable selection of female and male cams for them to enjoy. 

On CamModels, you can look for different kinds of hot men and sexy babes to suit your taste. Unfortunately, the features of this cam site are limited compared to other cam sites. 

Also, CamModels is a clone site of an original cam site called Streamate so every feature is copied from that site, including the sign-up page. 

Signing Up At CamModels

Before you explore the CamModels collection of sexy models, you will need to create an account first. The registration process takes about thirty seconds, and users get free site access for a lifetime. 

CamModels may seem appealing, especially when you look at the models on the front page, but since it is a clone site of Streamate, some features may not appeal to you. 

You should read our complete review and check out the free shows before you sign up.

Here is how to sign up for CamModels:

  1. Open the website and click on the free account button on the top right corner of your screen. 
  2. Enter a nickname, an email, and a password. 
  3. Choose your method of payment. 
  4. Add funds to become a premium member. 
  5. Sign up. 

Once you have signed up, you can enjoy free access to CamModels for a lifetime. 


As a straight guy, you should find the CamModels collection of models appetizing and appealing enough to jerk to. 

CamModels has only girl and male models to explore, although the girl models look a little too old to be classified as girls. 

You can enjoy free live sex cams on CamModels, and you do not need an account. The guy models on this cam site are smaller than the girls, which means you do not have many options to choose from in that category. 

You should keep in mind that since CamModels is a clone site, all the models on the site are cloned from Streamate.


If you are on CamModels because you want access to the sexiest babes that can make your dick hard, about 300,000 female models are registered on the cam site.

The site allows you to choose girls according to their ethnicity, region, age, fetishes, and language of your choice. So with this, you can be sure to find whatever you are looking for regardless of your sexual by desires and fantasies.

There are tons of category pages on CamModels that show that these babes are willing to do whatever you want them to do. 

From anal sex to group sex and from girls with shaved pussies to girls with small tits – you will surely find what you want.


If you are more interested in muscular-looking guys or hunky daddies, you will find them on CamModels. CamModels has a decent selection of guy models that can get your pussies wet or dicks hard in no time. 

The guy models on CamModels are willing to perform your dirtiest desires and fantasies. Like the female models, you can pick the male models according to their ethnicity, region, age, fetishes, and language of your choice. 

There are fewer category pages under the male section than in the girls’ section. Still, these men have to offer sexually appealing content like anal sex, group sex, and alternative.

 You can also find bisexual, straight, and gay men on CamModels if that is what you are looking for.


If what turns you on and gets your dick hard is more than one person fucking on your screen, CamModels is not the best option for you.

 CamModels offers a very limited selection of couple cams that you can find under the guy section. 

There are gay and straight couples, but you will hardly find lesbian couples on CamModels. Since couples do not have a separate category, it is usually difficult to find couples’ cams on this cam site.


CamModels also has a very limited selection of trans cams that you can find under the guy section. Trans models do not have a separate category, so it is difficult to find trans cams on CamModels. 

We can see that CamModels is best for anyone interested in straight women and sexy men. The only downside to this is that these sexy models are obtained from Streamate, the original site.

Model’s Profile

cammodels model's profile

Before watching a model’s video on CamModels, it is advisable that you check out her profile which shows every important detail about her. You can do this by clicking on the show of your preferred model and scrolling to the bottom. 

The model profiles on CamModels are exactly the same as the ones on Streamate due to the fact that the former is a clone site. This shows how much of a scam this cam site is. 

A model’s profile will show their gender, sexual orientation, the languages they speak, and even their zodiac sign. 

You will also be able to privately chat with a model and see all you need to know about her appearance – height, pubic hair, cup size, build, etc.

The full profile of a model on CamModels also shows her private videos and the prices, members’ reviews, the model’s expertise, and turn-ons. 

Lastly, you will see the model’s last performance date and days when she is online. 

CamModels Chat Features

There are different ways you can converse with the sexy babes on CamModels – this cam site offers different chat features for a more enjoyable experience. 

You can easily access these shows, from free to gold shows, on CamModels. 

Since the chat features on CamModels are gotten from Streamate, it is a much better option to sign up on the original site and enjoy a safer experience with the sexy babes. 

Chat With The Sexy Babes 

CamModels allows you to chat with the sexy models while they are live, but that is about all you can do with them until you go private. 

When you click on a model’s show, you will see a chat box on the right side of the screen. 

You can chat live with the model and you can also choose to make your messages hidden from other members on the live. 

There are three options above the chat box – a spin-the-wheel option, an option that shows whether the model’s live vibe is on, and the last option that allows you to view the model’s gold menu. 

Keep in mind that you can only access these features when you have an account on CamModels.

CamModels Private Shows

If you want to get a lot more intimate with the model you are watching for free, you can go private by clicking the button that says that on the page. 

Private shows on CamModels give you a one-on-one interactive session with your preferred model.

You have to have a CamModels account before you can go private, and the prices of these shows depend on the models as it is a way to earn extra money. Depending on the model, it ranges between $2 to $3.50 per minute. 

CamModels Gold Shows

Gold shows are where different users chip in money to watch on CamModels. The performer gets to choose the show’s goal, price, and length. 

The users will not be billed if the show ends before the selected time or during the process. The price for gold shows on CamModels ranges between $3 to $8 for the entire show. 

CamModels Streaming Quality

Since CamModels is a clone site of Streamate, you can expect top streaming quality for the different shows. The default streaming quality is decent, which makes streaming videos convenient. 

On the CamModels site, you can increase and decrease the streaming quality of the show you are watching. You can decide to watch it in raw or auto. Under auto, you can choose between 144p, 432p, and 720p. 


The in-site currency on CamModels is Gold, which is exactly the same as Streamate, and you can purchase one gold for as low as one US dollar. You can use gold to tip a model if you like what you see during a free show.

On CamModels, the pricing is not very clear since it is a clone site, but you can expect to get the same pricing as the original site. 

Since CamModels is a clone site, it is not advisable to spend your money on it. Instead, you should do so on the original site. 

Payment Methods

CamModels offers a wide variety of convenient payment methods that you can choose as you register on the cam site. They include:

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa.
  • PayPal.
  • iDeal.
  • Sofort. 
  • Paysafecard.

Once you pay, you can do a lot with the sexy babes on CamModels, like chat with them, go on private shows, give them gold, and much more. 

CamModels Mobile Site

cammodels mobile

If you are the type who enjoys watching these sexy videos on your mobile device instead, you have nothing to worry about, as CamModels has a well-designed mobile site. This is no surprise, as it is a clone site of Streamate. 

You can access CamModels on your phone by opening the site on your preferred browser. The mobile site is very straightforward to navigate – the login button is on the left side of the screen, while the search button is on the right side. 

You can easily access the girl and guy cams from your mobile device, and the videos have top-notch streaming quality like the ones on the desktop site. 

CamModels Verdict

CamModels seems like a decent cam site at first glance, but due to the fact that it is a clone site, it is an unreliable option. 

If you find CamModels suitable enough for you, it is advisable that you join the original site – Streamate.com. 

This is because all the models and every other feature on CamModels are cloned from the original site, so it is much better to enjoy the experience there.

 Also, CamModels has little to offer in terms of models – other than female models. So, if you are looking for something much more exciting in terms of models, CamModels is not the best option. 


Is CamModels Safe?

CamModels is not a safe site to use even though it offers great services. It is not reliable since it is a clone site, so it is advisable to use the original cam site if you want to watch sexy girls do nasty things. 

Is CamModels a Scam?

CamModels is a scam cam site because it is a clone site. Even though the models and their shows are real, they are copied from an original site, so it is better to sign up on that site instead. 

How Do I Sign Up As a Performer on CamModels?

If you are on CamModels because you want to perform and not watch, it is better to sign up as a model on the original site instead.

 When you click on become a model on CamModels, you will be redirected to Streamate, the original site. 

Can I Use CamModels For Free?

You can watch many free shows on CamModels for as long as you want. The only time when money is involved is if you want to engage in one-on-one sessions with the models. CamModels is more enjoyable when you pay. 

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