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Site: https://firecams.com/ 
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Italian.
Payment Methods:Visa, MasterCard
Pricing:75 tokens for 10 dollars. 


  • The site features free shows you can access without signing up. 
  • There are many cam shows for users to explore. 
  • Features female, male and trans models. 
  • Customer support is always online 24/7.


  • Payment is required for most features. 
  • It is a clone site of Streamray. 
  • A poorly designed website. 
  • It is a scam and unreliable cam site. 
firecams homepage

Firecams is a live sex cam site with an impressive collection of adult models, including trans hotties, guys and girls. This cam site makes it easy for you to search for the sexiest babes that can fulfill your sexual desires.

The only downside of Firecams is that it is a clone site of Streamray, a popular and leading cam site. So, every content and feature of Firecams is copied from Streamray down to the website design, making it an unreliable and unoriginal cam site. 

Signing Up At Firecams

Since Firecams is a clone site, the registration process is the same as Streamrays’. Streamray is one of the easiest sites to register, making it easy to create an account on Firecams. 

If you use or have used Streamray, you will think you are on the site when you log in to the Firecams homepage. All the features are the same, including the design of the home page and the sign-up process. Here is how to sign up:\

  1. Click on join for free at the top right corner of your screen. 
  2. Enter a unique username, a valid email and a strong password. 
  3. Click on join for free once you have entered the above information. 

There is also a spot at the top of the Firecams website that allows you to create an account, and it is still the same process as the first one. You get 100 free tokens when you sign up and 50 free tokens when you visit the Firecams site three days in a row. 

Keep in mind that since Firecams is a clone site, it is better to sign up on Streamray, the original site. 


Firecams feature a low number of male and trans models but a decent number of female models for users to explore and jerk off to. This makes the entire experience exciting, but it becomes disappointing when you remember that it is a clone site and all the models are lifted from Streamray. 

The models are organized on the site with separate categories for female, male and trans models, making it easier to find what you are looking for. So, you have more sexy babes at your disposal, but it is better to go to the original site. 


The girl models on Firecams are surely the main reason people visit the site every day. The site has a decent selection of 453 female models from places that are sexy enough to get you hard. 

Regardless of what gets you hard, Firecams has something for everyone. The best part is that it is not difficult to find these sexy babes. Once you log in to the Firecams cam site, the sexy female models are what you will see. 

These models are ready to perform your nastiest sexual desires, and you can pick them according to the different available category pages. This includes big boobs, vibrators, masturbation, anal, bondage and oral sex cams. 


If you are on Firecams because you are looking for sexy male models to get wet to, you are in the wrong place. Firecams has only three male models as of the time this article was written. There is not much to explore even though there are different category pages because there are only three models. 


Firecams does not have any couples for users to jerk off to, which is disappointing. If you are looking for lesbian, gay and straight couples, it is better for you to check another site, as the original site itself has no couples. 


Firecams has a low but manageable number of trans models that can get you hard. There are only 28 trans hotties on Firecams that you can wank to, and about six category pages to choose from. The major disadvantage here is that all Firecams models are obtained from Streamray.

Model’s Profile

firecams model profile

Once you find a model that turns you on, you can check out her profile to know every important information about her. The model profiles on Firecams are the same as the ones on Streamray, which shows how unoriginal the cam site is. 

To access a model’s profile, you must click on your preferred model’s show and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are two buttons (Photos & Videos and About Me) – one which shows the model’s photos and videos and the other which shows her personal information. 

On a model’s profile, you can access her age, birthday, body type, hair colour, turn-ons, turn-offs, fetishes, kinky attributes, ethnicity, etc. 

Firecams Chat Features

There are different ways that you can chat and engage with sexy babes on Firecams. The shows available on Firecams are exactly what you will get on Streamray, so it is much better to access them from the source. 

Types Of Shows 

There are different types of shows that you can find on Firecams if you want to interact with sexy models. There are free cam shows, which both guests and members can access, but only the latter can chat with the babes online. 

Firecams has private shows, which are one-on-one sessions with you and your preferred model. You can get her to do whatever you want; nobody else can watch or hear what happens in your private show. 

You can also watch nude cam shows, which are the same as private shows, only that the model is naked, and others can watch and hear. Cam2Cam shows allow you to share your video with your model and get her wet faster by showing her your cock or sharing fantasies. 

Party cam shows are like orgies because different members can join one room and enjoy an online sexual experience. Lastly, voyeur chats on Firecams allow you to watch someone else’s private show for as long as you want. 

Chat With The Sexy Babes

Firecams allows you to chat with your preferred model, and you can do this by clicking on your preferred model’s show that you want to watch. Once you select the show you want to watch, you will be able to see the model on your screen doing her thing. 

On the right side of the screen is a chat box where you can send messages to the model live. You can only send messages to a model if you registered and have an account on Firecams. 

You cannot see messages from other members in the chat box, and you can also send emojis alongside your messages on Firecams. 

firecams chat

Firecams Streaming Quality

Firecams has a decent streaming quality since all of its cam shows are from Streamray. The videos are clear sometimes, but other times, they look blurry, and it is difficult to enjoy what you are watching. 

There is no option to increase or decrease the streaming quality of cam shows, but there is an option for theatre mode (full-screen mode), which allows you to enjoy the videos better. 

When streaming shows on Firecams, it is essential that you have a good internet connection, as that also affects the quality. Better still, it is advisable to use the original site as all the cam shows are cloned, so streaming quality will not be top-notch


firecams pricing

Just like Streamray, Firecams uses an in-site currency called tokens to pay for shows and tip the models. Each model has a price for their services, so you can always check it out if you want to do anything other than a free show. 

You can purchase the tokens in bundles from 75 to 1000 tokens with the price ranging from about $10 to $100. It is not advisable to make payments on Firecams because it is a clone site of Streamray. 

It is much better to create an account on the original site and make payments there, as it is much safer. 

Payment Methods

The payment methods on Firecams are less extensive than other cam sites, which is not surprising as it is a clone site. You can only make payments through two credit card options – Visa and MasterCard.

You will get free tokens when you sign up and visit the site three days in a row. 

Firecams Mobile Site

If you prefer to watch sexy videos on Firecams from the comfort of your mobile device, you can do so by opening the website on your browser. You can use any browser of your choice, and you do not need to download an app to enjoy the site. 

Firecams offers good mobile compatibility, so you can expect everything to work smoothly on your mobile device as it does on your desktop. The mobile site is easy to navigate and operate, which is no surprise since all of its technologies are gotten from Streamray. 

Firecams Verdict

Firecams is a clone site and is therefore not recommended if you are looking for a reliable and original site to wank to. It is not advisable to stream content on this site since all of the videos are gotten from Streamray. 

All the models, cam shows, pricing and even design are cloned from Streamray, so it is better to go to the original site. Streamray has an extensive collection of female models that are ready to get down and dirty for you. 


Is Firecams Safe?

No, Firecams is not safe to use since it is a clone site, and all of its features are gotten from Streamray. It is an unreliable site, and it is much better to go to the source. It is also not advisable to give Firecams your personal information.

Is Firecams a Scam?

Yes, Firecams is a scam and not a legit website because it copied all its models, features and performances from another cam site. This shows that the site is unoriginal and, therefore, not advisable to use. 

How Do I Sign Up As a Performer on Firecams?

If you prefer to make dicks hard rather than watch videos on Firecams, it is advisable that you sign up as a performer on Streamray, the original site. Besides, if you want to sign up as a performer on Firecams, the website will redirect you to Streamray, so it is better to do it from there directly. 

Can I Use Firecams For Free?

Firecams has a lot of cam shows that you can watch for free, and you do not even need to have an account. But you will be continuously disturbed by pop-ups telling you to create an account, and paying gives you access to more exciting features.

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