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Languages:English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Svenska, Nederlands
Payment options:Gift cards, PayPal, credit cards
Pricing:1 GOLD per $1


  • The streaming feels real. Livehdcams offer real-time interaction between the performer and the audience.
  • A wide variety of content is available, from general chat to niche fetishes.
  • Models are diverse, with bodies ready to be wanked on. 
  • Livehdcams can be a way for a person to explore their turn-ons and sexual fantasies. 


  • Livehdams is expensive, especially for private shows.
  • It’s a clone site.
  • Some of the live streaming is either stolen or pre-recorded videos.
  • Performers are not paid. They use their pre-recorded videos for free.
  • Users’ information is not confidential and safe.

Livehdcams is a clone site of Streamate for streaming sexual video and services that allow users to interact with performers in real time for a fee. 

Individuals or professional entertainers may perform, and the content may range from general conversation to adult-oriented material. Livehdcams is a clone site of Streamate, making it an unreliable option for your sexual fun. Take a closer look below. 

Signing Up at Livehdcams

Livehdcams has a straightforward process to sign up, but that is only because it is a clone of Streamate. The sign-up process is completely the same, and you will find the button to join from the homepage. If you want to use the correct site, you should go for Streamate instead.

Here are the things asked while signing up,

  • Username
  • Email ID
  • DOB
  • Password
  • Gender

That’s all. Livehdcams is more about keeping it simple. Registration steps look like the way we do on Streamate.com. That said, there are more similarities between both webcam sites. Account registration is free and has no hidden charges or credit card attachments.


Livehdcams’ models are their selling point on this erotic live-streaming site. They have various models available, from sexy Asian with their titties out, a slutty looking Hispanic model that fits your fetish, or you want to jerk off to a gorgeous European babe or get wet with a sexy Latino asslicker. Livehdcam has male and female models. Guys with their dick print very glaring that you want to gack on it.


Every cam is divided into the girls’ and guys’ sections. And these sections might be further divided into the Bi and lesbians and gays sections. 

The Livehdcams is divided into Girls’ and Guys’ cams. If you’re a straight guy or a lesbian looking for horny girls to suck you off, the Girls section is for you. These sexy babes are always eager to please, from new amateur models to mistresses and MILFs.

As stated above, you can filter the gender sections based on your preferences, from their region and age to their ethnicity and language. You can customize their features, such as whether or not they have a fetish or not. 


Like the girls, there are male sections, which are as interesting as the female section. In the male section, you can filter the kind of model you want. Are you a gay man, and do you have a preference for what you want in a guy? You can pick that in the male section. Or you are a straight woman who wants to cum on a sexy daddy; you’d get it. 

On Livehdcams, you can filter male models by region, age, ethnicity, and language. Keep an eye out for gay, straight, and bisexual men, bears, neighbors, and athletic and BDSM models. And also other features such as feet, big cock, daddy, uncut, tip vibe, and tattoos.


Sometimes, you need to learn how to handle your partner. This is why Livehdcams includes couples sections in the Guys and Girls categories so that you can learn from them, or as a single user, if you want to widen your scope, you can go for the couple section to fasten your experience. 

While doing this, users can filter the section according to their taste. You should keep an eye out for straight, gay, and lesbian couples. Gay couples are typically classified as Guys, while straight and lesbian couples are classified as Girls.


Livehdcams is a very diverse erotic site. They consider every gender. Although it’s a clone of a streammate site. Whereas a user, if you want some sexy and nasty trans models, look for the Transgirl and Transboy selection under Girls and Guys. 

Streamate is known for having a large selection of trans models, which you can find on livehdcams. Signing up for Streamate is recommended for legitimate access.

Model’s profile

Livehdcams model profile

Models on livehdcams have a feature where users can learn more about them before they start wanking to them. A model profile lets the user know whether the model will satisfy your fantasy correctly or not, so you can check out what they have to offer.

Users can learn more about them and read reviews from other viewers by visiting their profiles. After clicking on the live show, scroll down to see the model’s profile. It’s the same as it is on Streamate.

Every model has the opportunity for a short bio where they tell users what they do and how to satisfy their erotic streaming needs. You can also learn about the model’s appearance and features, such as cup size, pubic hair, and sexual orientation. 

Livehdcams Chat Features

Chat features on livehdcams refer to the interactive tools available on live webcam websites that allow users to communicate with models and other users. 

These features enhance the overall experience of live webcam sessions, making them more interactive and engaging.

Some of the common chat features on livehdcams include

  • Text Chat: This feature enables users to send and receive text messages in real-time. 
  • Private Chat: Private chat is a one-on-one session between the user and the model. The user can request a private session and pay a fee to access it. Although, on livehdcams, your privacy is not guaranteed. 
  • Group Chat: Group chat is a feature that enables multiple users to participate in a chat session with the models.
  • Cam2Cam: Cam2Cam is a feature allowing users to share their webcam feed with the model. Making the experience more personal and intimate.
  • Voice Chat: Voice chat is a feature that enables users to communicate with the model using their voice. 
Livehdcams chat

Livehdcams Streaming Quality

An erotic streaming site with low streaming quality is on its way out of business. Livehdcams has a very low quality as it’s a clone of streamate. You get better quality when you use real websites.

The streaming rate of livehdcams is determined by several factors, including the user’s internet connection speed, the quality of the model’s webcam, and the server’s capabilities.

Livehdcams having a high-definition (HD) streaming quality and give users a clear and sharp image depending on users’ connection. If it’s strong or not. Streaming quality is typically measured in frames per second (fps), with most livehdcams offering 30 fps or higher.

Some livehdcams also provide users with different streaming quality options, allowing them to select the quality that best suits their internet connection speed. Finally, livehdcams provide high-quality streaming with the ability to adjust the quality based on the user’s internet connection speed.


Livehdcams pricing

Livehdcams is a clone of Streamate, so they have similar pricing to Streamate. They try to hide that from users by giving their pricing various features and services offered on websites as livehdcams pricing. The site uses GOLD as an in-site currency, and one GOLD is equal to a dollar.

You can check out the streamate website for a proper pricing model based on a token or credit system in which users purchase tokens or credits to gain access to various features and services.

Some of the most common pricing models for livehdcams are as follows:

  • Free Access
  • Token/Credit System
  • Private Chat Sessions
  • Cam2Cam

According to the sex cam prices, streamate is the original sex chat site, whereas livehdcams.com is a reproductive platform. Furthermore, users can verify the legitimacy using the same login credentials to stream on livehdcams. It’ll work!

Payment Methods

Livehdcams offer a variety of payment methods for users to purchase tokens or credits to access various features and services. Some of the standard payment methods include:

  • Gift cards
  • Paypal
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank transfers

Users can choose the payment method that best suits their needs and preferences.

Livehdcam’s Mobile Site

Livehdcams made their erotic streaming sites available both on mobile and desktop. The site is mobile-friendly, so you can see the lovely cam girls on Livehdcams when you’re on the go. Like everything else on this site, the mobile version is a clone of Streamate. This indicates that it is well-designed and easy to use.

It is also compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices. There is a drop-down menu where you can choose the desired category, whether females or guys, and the many filters such as hairy pussy, medium tits, non-nude, and more. The software will appear at the top of the screen when you click on it, with a chat box at the bottom. 

Livehdcams mobile

Livehdcams’ Verdict

Livehdcams has gotten a lot of negative reviews from users online. Few users have had positive experiences, while others have experienced problems using the service, such as scammers or technical difficulties. 

When utilizing online services, it’s always a good idea to perform research and practice caution, especially when supplying personal or payment information.


Is Livehdcams safe?

No, it is not. Livehdcams is a clone website from Streamate. It is essential to be cautious when providing personal information or payment details online and to research any website’s privacy policies and security measures before using it.

Is Livehdcams a scam?

Yes, livehdcams is a fraud since it plagiarizes the model shows and features of a more popular cam site. According to internet reviews and forums, some customers have claimed cases of scams or fraud using Livehdcams. 

Before utilizing any online service or supplying personal information, it is always prudent to exercise caution and conduct a comprehensive research.

How do I sign up as a performer on Livehdcams?

To sign up as a performer on Livehdcams, you should check Streamate, as livehdcams is a clone website. And it’s better you check Streamate and sign up there to be a performer.  Avoid being scammed on livehdcams, and check Streamate.

Can I use Livehdcams for free?

Yes, users can access Livehdcams for free, but access is limited. Free users can watch live feeds from performers but cannot interact with them or access paid material.

To fully utilize Livehdcams’ services, users might have to purchase tokens or subscribe to a premium membership. This will allow you to watch private shows and access unique material. The actual cost will be determined by the performer’s fee and the pricing scheme of the site.

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