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LanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Nederlands, Portuguese, Svenska, Norsk
Payment optionsCredit cards
Pricing$1 per 1 GOLD


  • Wide range of categories. 
  • Cam2Cam option when you watch private shows.
  • Helpful customer support. 


  • You don’t get a lot of content for free. 
  • It is a clone site of Streamate. 
  • A lot of features are not available until you sign up. 
  • Limited payment methods are available. 

Rabbitscams is an online webcam site that offers a selection of sexy babes from around the world, so whenever you’re horny and ready to wank, you can check it out. While Rabbitscams looks good at first glance, there are a lot of downsides, starting with the fact that it’s a clone site. Let’s take a closer look.

Signing Up at Rabbitscams 

Before you sign up at Rabbitscams, you should know that it’s not an original site but a clone website. The cam site is a complete copy of Streamate, and this makes it an unreliable place to watch sexy babes. It’s advisable to use Streamate directly as all the cams, interfaces, and currencies are copied.

If you decide to sign up on Rabbitscams while knowing this, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the site and click on Join.
  2. Enter your email address, nickname, and password. 
  3. Complete the login process and sign up. 

Once you sign up, you can buy the GOLD currencies and watch private shows. The free shows are available without signing up, but it’s better to register to Streamate rather than Rabbitscams enjoy the perks. 


There is a wide range of models that you can wank to on Rabbitscams, but it isn’t very attractive when you realize that they are all copied from Streamate. It’s better to watch the cam shows directly from the source instead of the site that is copying it. Since Streamate has a fantastic collection, you can expect the same from Rabbitscams. 


For one, there is a brilliant selection of babes you can wank on Rabbitscams. The cam site offers sexy girls of all types, all ready to meet your dirtiest fantasies. You can filter these cam sluts based on different factors like body type, region, ethnicity, and the language. 

These sexy girls can do whatever you like to get down dirty, from anal sex and bondage to porn star shows. The girls come with big tits, mature shows, smoking, and some are even pregnant. From redheads and white girls to Latinas and brunettes, there’s something for you. But they are all copied from Streamate. 


If you’re a straight woman or a gay guy that wants to get down dirty on Rabbitscams, you can do so with the Guys section. These guys are all kinds of sexy, from bisexual and athletic to daddies and bears.

With the cam site, you can look out for sexy BDSM shows, guys with big cocks, leather guys, muscles, and even twinks. Whether you want a guy next door, frat boys, or someone that will feed your foot fetish, there’s something for everyone. 


Sometimes, you want to watch more than one guy go down and dirty for you. In this case, you can go for the couples section on Rabbitscams. There are Couples categories in the Girls and Guys section, exactly the way it is designed on Streamate. 

You can look out for lesbian, gay, and straight couples on Rabbitscams. From anal sex to BDSM, these couples will put on different kinds of shows to excite you. You can even look out for group shows. 


If your preference is sexy trans models, Streamate has this section, which means you can find it on Rabbitscams. The cam site offers trans cam girls in the Girls section, but there are only a few trans guys.

With the trans section on Rabbitscams, you can enjoy wanking to the sexy babes that catch your eye. These trans babes are always willing to down and dirty. 

Model’s Profile 

rabbitscams model profile

Before you start dropping your money for a model on Rabbitscams, you should check whether they are worth it. Rabbitscams, just like Streamate, allow you to view the model’s information by scrolling down. When you click on the snow, simply scroll down to the bottom, and you can see the profile.

In the model’s profile on Rabbitscams, you can see a short bio of what they have to offer. It includes their sex skills, what excites them, and what will turn them off. The models include information on their gender, sexual preference, and fetishes. You can also view every detail of their appearance, from their height and weight to the pussy hair and cup size or dick size. 

Rabbitscams Chat Features 

It’s not a cam show if you don’t have the chance to talk to the sexy model. Rabbitscams has designed its chat features exactly like Streamate since it is a copy site. So, you can talk to these babes. It is much better to watch the show directly on Streamate rather than a clone site. This way, all the features will be available from the original site. 

Easy Chatting Features 

It is easy to talk to the babes on Rabbitscams. The cams are copied from Streamate, so you might not be chatting directly with them as the guys that are signed up on Streamate. Rabbitscams gives you a large screen on the left, and there is a chat box on the right side

You can send messages to the babe and also see the messages that other viewers are sending. Rabbitscams also make it easy to send tips and view the tips that other viewers are sending to the babe. 

You will see the options to give GOLD to the model. You can also click the Go Private button to take the model to the private show on Rabbitscams. You have to pay extra for this too. 

Types of Shows 

There are different kinds of shows that you can take part in when using Rabbitscams. The webcam site has all the kinds of shows you see in Streamate and even uses the same currency. There are four different kinds of shows that you can enjoy.

In the GOLD shows, you can watch the cam babes perform and tip them GOLD. This is the in-site currency of Streamate, and you can pay the girls to do different things for you. Then, there are private shows which are one-on-one shows with the model.

If you don’t have enough money for a private show, go for a spy show instead. The spy show allows you to secretly watch a private show that someone else is having with the model. If you don’t want anyone to spy on your show, you can ask for an exclusive show with the model. 

Custom Features

Rabbitscams come with different ways for you to customize your experience, but all of these are offered on Streamate. The site simply shows you whatever is happening on Streamate at every point in time. You can make performers your Favorite, use the advanced search option, and set a limit on your daily spendings. There are options to change the video thumbnail too. 

rabbitscams chat

Rabbitscams Streaming Quality 

Rabbitscams has a good streaming quality, but that’s because it is copied from Streamate. Streamate offers top-notch quality, and this is reflected in Rabbitscams. The cam site offers HD quality on all your streams, and almost all the Streamate models use very good cameras for their shows.

With the 720p streaming quality, you can view a sharp and clear image. This shows you every sexy detail of their show, from their wanking to their beautiful bodies. The speed and quality of the show are flawless, and this pulls you into the sex show. 


rabbitscams pricing

Rabbitscams offers the same pricing system that Streamate offers, and that is another clear sign that it is a clone. The site currency is GOLD, and there is one GOLD for $1. You can use the GOLD to tip the models and also pay for other kinds of shows. 

Since Rabbitscams is a clone, there is no guarantee that the money you are paying to the models will actually go to them. So, it is better to use Streamate instead. The GOLD currency is affordable, and you can buy as many as you want. But, they are not sold in bundles. 

Payment Methods 

Rabbitscams has very limited payment methods, so you don’t have a lot of options available to you. You can use any of your major credit cards to pay for the GOLD. If you use Streamate, you have access to other payment methods, unlike Rabbitscams that doesn’t offer a lot of options. 

Rabbitscams Mobile Site 

rabbitscams mobile

If you want to watch sexy babes on your mobile device, Rabbitscams allows you to do so secretly. Whether you want to sneak a peek during your lunch break or check on your favorite babes while you’re on the move, Rabbitscams is the ideal choice. The webcam site is compatible with mobile devices like iOS and Android

Streamate is compatible with mobile devices, so it is no surprise that you can use Rabbitscams on your phone too. All you have to do is open the website on your browser, and you have access to the site.

It is easy to navigate, too, with a hamburger menu at the top-left corner. You can swipe through the different categories and tags. The shows are also clear on mobile, but there are glitches, and it hangs sometimes, as expected from a clone site. 

Rabbitscams Verdict 

At first glance, Rabbitscams looks like a reliable site where you can enjoy watching sexy shows. But, the cam site is not a dependable place to watch your shows because it is a clone site. The site completely copies Streamate, from the models to the pricing methods. 

If you want to enjoy sexy girls getting down and dirty, you should go for Streamate instead. You can check out Rabbitscams only if you want to watch some shows for free. But, if you want to get good value for your money and use a reliable site, Streamate is a better choice. 


Is Rabbitscams Safe? 

Rabbitscams is not safe to use because it is a clone site. You wouldn’t feel comfortable giving your information to a site that copies another site. The only way it will be safe is if you remain anonymous while using the site. 

Is Rabbitscams a Scam? 

Rabbitscams is a scam because it is not an original site. Instead, the site is a clone of Streamate, so everything is copied. The babes are also copied from another site. 

How Do I Sign Up as a Performer on Rabbitscams? 

If you want to be a performer on Rabbitscams, that would be hard. There is no button or option to sign up as a performer. You should visit Streamate and sign up there instead

Can I Use Rabbitscams for Free? 

Yes, you can. Rabbitscams is available to use for free. But you shouldn’t use the site because the cams are cloned. 

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