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Payment Options Credit card, debit card


  • Watch free cams without signing up. 
  • Random chat with different babes.
  • HD cams are available. 


  • It is a clone of Chaturbate.
  • Cam shows are not organized in categories. 
  • Weak filter options. 
  • No information on the pricing. 

XCamy is an online cam site that offers live webcam porn and random sex chat with babes from around the world. The cam site seems professional from the homepage. Still, once you explore it, you’ll see that it is cloned from Chaturbate and not an original site. Let’s take a closer look. 

Signing Up at XCamy 

Before you sign up on XCamy, you should know that the site is not original but a clone. When you click on Cam Girls, you will see the different shows. There is no option to create an account from the homepage. You can watch the shows, but you won’t see any button to sign up, and this is another feature that makes this a shady site for your wanking needs. 

When you open a model’s show on XCamy, you will see the option to sign up. That is the only way to create an account. The process to create an account and the design of the form is the same as Chaturbate. 

  1. Open the show and click on sign up to chat. 
  2. Enter your username, password, and email address.
  3. Input your birthday and sexual orientation.
  4. Verify that you are read the conditions.
  5. Click on Create a Free Account. 


There are different kinds of models that you can find on XCamy. You can watch the shows for free, but none of them are originally from XCamy. Instead, they are cloned from Chaturbate. Since all the shows are cloned, they are not reputable. This is probably why they are available for free. It will be very hard to find a specific model because they are not arranged in categories. 


When you click on Cam Girls, you get access to all the babes on XCamy, all cloned from Chaturbate. But, these cams are not organized. So, you just have to keep scrolling down to find what you’re looking for.

There is a search option, but it isn’t accurate. Also, the filters are a few, as you can only choose based on their age and popularity. But, there is no category for Girls. If you’re looking for a sexy babe, it would be easy to find her because most of the models on XCamy are girls. 


Even if XCamy has male cam models that it has cloned from Chaturbate, it will be pretty hard to find them. Without any categories available, you will have to keep on scrolling down until you see a male model. You will have a better chance if you click on Live Cams rather than Cam Girls. 

Having to scroll down until you find the male model that you want on XCamy will be pretty frustrating. It would be much better to sign up at the original site rather than at XCamy. On the thumbnail, you can also see an icon of whether the model is a girl or a guy. 


There are different couples and even threesomes and foursomes on XCamy, all cloned from Chaturbate. Like other sections of the cam site, you can’t find them easily because there are no categories. Thumbnails that have two characters are the couple shows. As you scroll through, you might notice some couple shows. 

Some shows have two people, gay, lesbian, or straight. You will also see shows with three or four people having sex to please their viewers. 


Since Chaturbate has trans models, there is no doubt that they can be found on XCamy too. But without the categories, it’s almost impossible to find them since there are only a few of them. XCamy allows you to get wet to the trans models that catch your eye, but since it’s an unreliable site, this is only if you can find them. 

Model’s Profile 

xcamy model profile

If you want to know more about a model before dipping your hand into your wallet, you can look through their profile on XCamy. The profiles are designed the same way you get it on Chaturbate, as a pop-up on the model’s show. 

In the bio, you can view the real name of the model, how many followers they have, their birthday, ages, body decoration, and their gender. It also shows who they are interested in. As you scroll down the profile, you can view the model’s pictures and videos. Some models also include the number of tips they want and more. 

XCamy Chat Features 

XCamy has the same chat features as Chaturbate, which is not surprising since the site is not original. It is easy to chat with the girls, but that’s if you can even find someone that catches your eye without any filters, tags, or categories. Once you find someone, click on their show, and it takes you to where you can chat with the model.

Chatting on XCamy

XCamy has the same live show design as Chaturbate. The show takes up the whole space, and you will see a chat box at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This shows all the messages that you and other viewers are sending. From there, you also see the tips they are sending.

There is a menu on the left side of the screen on XCamy. It has options for sending a tip, viewing the model’s profile, sending a private message, checking out more rooms, and more. You will also see the buttons to adjust the volume, resolution, and size of the screen. 

Although XCamy makes it easy for you to chat with the cam girls, the site is cloned from Chaturbate and so there is no guarantee that your messages reach them. This is why it is better to watch the shows from the original site. 

Random Chat

If you want to chat with random girls on XCamy, you can do so by clicking on the Random Chat button at the top-right corner. This opens a page from Flingster and asks you to select your gender, input your interests and start chatting. 

But, Flingster is known as an unreliable place to chat with babes. There are very few girls there, so it’s not as interesting as you might expect. It would be much better to go to the original site than use the random chat on XCamy. 

Public, Private, and Spy Shows

On XCamy, you have the option to watch a public show with other people. The public show is free, and you don’t have to sign up. You can simply send tips to the model. If you make it to the sign-up page of the site, you will then see an option to spy on private shows on Chaturbate. This is because this is a copy site. Aside from spying, you can have private shows on XCamy.

xcamy chat

XCamy Streaming Quality 

The streaming quality on XCamy is poor, mostly because the site is a clone from another site. You can barely see what you really want to see despite the big screen, and the camera quality is poor. You can decide to increase or decrease the size of your screen, but that won’t do much for the quality. Rather than using XCamy, you should use Chaturbate for quality. 

You can adjust your streaming quality from 240p to 1080p. There is also an option to make the resolution automatic, and this makes it depends on your internet quality. The streaming quality is based on the camera the model is using and your internet connection. 


There is no information on the pricing system in XCamy. If you were using Chaturbate, you would pay with tokens. But on XCamy, there is nothing to know about the payment. Even if you check the FAQ or terms and conditions section, you won’t find the data you need because this is also copied from the original site. 

If you want to pay for the shows on XCamy, you should opt for the original site instead. The shows are the same, and the pricing information is available. 

Payment Methods 

The payment methods that are available on XCamy are

  • Credit card.
  • Debit card.

It is not recommended to submit your banking information to XCamy because it is a clone site. There are also limited payment methods available, and this is another downside. 

XCamy Mobile Site 

xcamy mobile chat

If you want to take a sneak peek at the babes on XCamy when you’re not home, you can do so with the mobile site. The site has been designed to fit mobile devices and your desktop. The interface is well-designed, and it does better than the desktop site, but there isn’t much of a difference. 

You will see the menu button at the top-right corner for navigating the site. You still have to look through tons of videos because there are no categories like with the desktop. Since it’s a mobile site, that will be even harder. The site can be opened on different kinds of browsers and on your Android and iOS devices.

XCamy Verdict 

XCamy is a cam site that features a wide range of models and the opportunity to watch their shows for free. You can chat with models randomly and use the site on your mobile device. But don’t let it fool you, as it is a clone site. The site completely copies a popular cam site down to the terms and conditions. 

Aside from being a clone site, XCamy also has horrible navigation, as it is hard to find the kind of model you want. The streaming quality is poor, and there is no information on the pricing. With these in mind, it’s not a good idea to sign up and start having fun here. Instead, go to Chaturbate for the girls of your fantasies. 


Is XCamy Safe? 

XCamy is not a safe site because it is a clone. You shouldn’t share your information or use the banking methods because it is not an original site. 

Is XCamy a Scam? 

XCamy is a scam because it is a cloned site. It copies all the models, shows, and information from another site and passes it off as its own. 

How Do I Sign Up As a Performer on XCamy? 

If you want to sign up as a performer, you need to create an account like any other viewer. But it will take you to Chaturbate to make your account instead. So, you should go to the original site directly and not the clone. 

Can I Use XCamy for Free?

Almost all the content on XCamy is free and explicit. You can watch sex shows without even paying and hide behind all the viewers that are sending tips. 

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