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Languages:English (US), Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Netherlands, Polski, Arabic.
Payment Options:Credit cards, PayPal, ACH, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.
Pricing:One token currency is equal to $0.11.


·   It features numerous payment methods for you to choose from.

·   It has numerous sexy models, so you will always find one that suits your taste.

·   It features different type of shows to fit your budget and nasty desires.

·   There is a gift card payment feature which is something you will not see on rival cam sites.

·   Compared to other cam sites, it is less expensive.


·   Customer support is not exactly the best.

·   This cam site features only a few HD cameras.


Xhamsterlive is a popular live porn cam site where you can watch videos of sexy babes and guys fucking themselves. If you are a fan of online sex shoes and exclusive porn livestreams, this website is a perfect choice for you. Whenever you feel like your dick or pussy needs some attention, you can check out Xhamsterlive, and it will surely meet your sexual needs.

Signing Up At Xhamsterlive

We understand that you will want to get to video fucking the sexy babes or guys you come across on this website but you will need to create an account first. This way, you can have live porn of different categories and models of different types at your disposal whenever you are horny.

The good thing is the sign-up process is straightforward, so you can get right to it even though you are a newbie. You need to be 18 years old before creating an account and accessing the content on Xhamsterlive.

You will also be able to create an account on Xhamsterlive for free. Here is how to do so:

1. Choose a suitable username and password that you are sure to remember.

2. Enter a valid email address.

3. Read through the terms and conditions of the company and agree to them.

4. Confirm your email address.

5. Start watching and wanking to the sexy babes on Xhamsterlive.

Since Xhamsterlive is a multilingual cam site, it will be effortless to find all the necessary information you need. If you are looking for sexy babes, hot guys, and even Trans hotties, you will know where to find them.


The selection of models on Xhamsterlive is something you are going to fall in love with. This cam site has the dirtiest and most impressive collection of models – 75 percent being women and the remaining 25 percent being trans hotties, couples, and men – that will not hesitate to become nasty for you.

These models come in different categories, so you will easily find your dream babe and get to fucking her through your device’s screen. You can go for girls with big tits, hairy pussy, big asses, and even pregnant girls.


If you are on Xhamsterlive because you want to get your dick hard with the impressive selection of sexy babes on the site, you are in the right place. You could decide to excite yourself with new models or go for the professional ones – whichever brings your dirtiest desires to life.

You will find different categories in the girl’s section on Xhamsterlive, from masturbation and fuck machine to deepthroat and squirt. You can also choose your preferred babe according to her body type (skinny, athletic, BBW), hair color (blonde, redhead), ethnicity (Latina, Indian, White), and age.

You can take part in different private shows to get your dick hard on Xhamsterlive. The site has Cam2Cam, Spy on Shows, and Recordable Privates. You can also check out the interactive toy section, where you can watch your dream babe fuck herself.


If you are looking for the hottest guys to get your pussy wet and your nipple hard, Xhamsterlive has an impressive collection of sexy men. You will also get access to some hot live gay cams if that is your fetish – you can choose between bisexual, gay, or straight men.

The guy category on Xhamsterlive is as exciting as the girl category. You can choose from blowjob, BDSM, and group sex to dirty talk, bandage, and doggy style. It does not matter what you are looking for; there is always something for everyone on Xhamsterlive.

All the filters in the girl section apply here – you can choose from blonde guys, muscular guys, guys with big cocks, Asian men, and daddies. There are also different private shows on Xhamsterlive that you can engage in to bring you your utmost sexual pleasure.


If you are the type who loves to watch two people fucking or fucking each other off on your screen, Xhamsterlive fully delivers. From a guy bending a girl over and fucking her from behind to a group of girls sucking and licking each other off, you will always find something on Xhamsterlive.

There are also different categories under the couples section on the Xhamsterlive site, from erotic dance to nipple toys and gagging. If you are interested in a threesome or a foursome, you will find something to get you hard in minutes on Xhamsterlive.

You can choose the couples based on ethnicity, hair color, age, and body type. There are different private shows to keep you busy – all of which are perfect for your horny self.


Boys, girls, and couples are not the only options that can make your dick hard or your pussy wet on Xhamsterlive. Xhamsterlive features trans hotties that put on exciting shows to satisfy your horny self.

These trans hotties come in different categories – you can choose the one with big tits who will masturbate till you cum or the dominant ones who will command you to do their every bidding.

Other exciting categories on Xhamsterlive include dirty talk, foot fetish, doggy style, and dildo or vibrator. You can also select these trans hotties based on ethnicity, hair color, body type, and age.

Model’s Profile

xhamsterlive model's profile

If you are the type of person who is specific about who you fuck, then you need to check out your preferred model’s profile. When you click on a model, Xhamsterlive allows you to view every important detail about the model so you can make your choices.

The profile tab appears when you click on your preferred model, which is well organized. You will be able to see important details about them, like their ethnicity, hair, and eye color, who they are interested in, their age, and the languages they speak.

Each model’s profile also has their sexual interests, so if it aligns with yours, you know you will be getting hard in no time. You can go through the pictures on their profile to have a good idea of what their sexy body looks like, and you could also imagine what it will be like fucking it.

Any model you choose will give you the most erotic experience of your life. They will undress, show you their tits and touch themselves to get you hard. No matter what your sexual desires are, you will find a model to share them with on Xhamsterlive when you go through their profiles.

Xhamsterlive Chat Features

Xhamsterlive features convenient and different ways to chat with sexy babes on the site. You can find different shows on this cam site, making it easy to see who is getting down and dirty for you.

Xhamsterlive allows you to watch shows for free but you can only watch. Once your horny dick can no longer handle the pressure and you need more, you can pay for private shows with the credits you purchase. This allows you to have a more intimate moment with who you are video fucking.


The Cam2Cam is a new feature on Xhamsterlive’s live cams that allows you to choose between seeing or hearing the sexy babe you want to fuck. This makes the experience much more intimate, as the babe can also see and hear you.

If you are tired of simply watching videos and not being able to tell that sexy babe how to get dirty and down to make your horny dick stand, you can use the Cam2Cam feature on Xhamsterlive.

The Cam2Cam feature has two aspects and is available in every room. You can choose to do a video that allows you to see the model, and the model will see you too. You can also choose the audio part, which allows you to see a model, but the model will only hear you.

Xhamsterlive Video Chat

To join a private chat, you may need to create a profile in Xhamsterlive, but you can easily watch videos of different models masturbating, having group sex, or having sex with their boyfriends. The more you tip your sexy models, the better a job they’d do in making your dick rise.

Some models on Xhamsterlive could also ask for a certain amount of tokens (tips) before they can do a certain thing like take off their clothes, play with their pussy, or get fucked for your enjoyment.

You can pay for your pleasure on Xhamsterlive by using cryptocurrency, which makes the experience a lot easier.

Xhamsterlive Private Shows

Private shows on Xhamsterlive are a great way to get your model’s undivided attention and have her focus on only you and your hard dick. You can make requests from the private menu during a private show to make the experience more interactive.

When you click on the private menu, you will have access to a list of all the things your sexy babe is willing to do. She could play with her pussy for you or masturbate with a dildo while you watch her cum. You can choose whichever you want her to do and wait for her to do it.

There could be spies – spectators – during a private show on Xhamsterlive if the model enables her spying option. This option allows other users to watch what your model is doing, but only you can make her do the dirtiest things you have in mind.

Lastly, a private show will stop automatically when you run out of tokens, but you can record the show and save it on Xhamsterlive if the model enables the recording option. You can always go back to your saved videos and wank to them as many times as you like.

xhamsterlive chat

Xhamsterlive Streaming Quality

The streaming quality of a cam site is one of its most important features because your dick can become softer than anything if you cannot see what you are streaming. The streaming quality of the videos on Xhamsterlive is something to look forward to.

Xhamsterlive offers HD adult cams so you can enjoy an interrupted session and wank to your heart’s content. Although not every model on Xhamsterlive streams in HD, it depends on who you choose.

But it is not a bad idea to sacrifice good streaming quality for big tits and a fat ass. The cam site offers mobile support, so you can stream these sexy videos on your phone and still get hard.

Sometimes, the quality of the shows you are watching on Xhamsterlive may not be top-notch, but you may not notice since you’d be too busy staring at the biggest cocks fucking the tightest pussies.


xhamsterlive pricing

Xhamsterlive allows you to stream some erotic shows for free, provided you have a good internet connection. You can watch these sexy cam videos for free but you are allowed to tip the model so that they can get nastier and dirtier.

The more generous your tip system is, the sexier your model becomes to give you your utmost pleasure. If you want to be more interactive with your model and tell her what to do to satisfy your horny dick, you can join private shows or the Cam2Cam Chat.

You can only join private shows and Cam2Cam chats on Xhamsterlive using a specified amount of tokens you can purchase with real money. 45 tokens cost $4.99, and 200 tokens cost $20.99, so one token should be about $0.1.

Payment Methods

Xhamsterlive offers trusted payment methods that you can use to purchase your tokens for private shows and Cam2Cam chats. These banking methods are generally convenient, and they include

·   Cryptocurrency.

·   Credit cards.

·   Gift cards.

·   PayPal.

·   ACH.

When making transactions on Xhamsterlive, it is important that you keep exchange rates and extra charges in mind.

Xhamsterlive’s Mobile Site

xhamsterlive mobile

Xhamsterlive supports mobile use, so you can log in to the site on your mobile device and still get the best streaming quality as you would with a desktop. The website is user-friendly and user-friendly, so you will have no problem operating from your mobile devices.

On the right side of your screen is the sign-up button where you can create an account, get fifty free tokens when you do so and watch sex videos on Xhamsterlive to your heart’s content.

On the left side of your screen is the ‘more’ option, where you can see all about the sexy babes, hot guys, trans hotties, and couples on the site.

You can also scroll down to the end of the Xhamsterlive page for more information like the Privacy policy, terms of use, studio sign-up, and contact and support.

You can click on the model of your choice to have access to her profile and get to know who you are about to be video fucking.

Xhamsterlive Verdict

From all stated above, it is obvious that Xhamsterlive can become your go-to site when you are horny and your dick is in need of some excitement. From the wettest pussies to the biggest and hardest cocks, Xhamsterlive has got it all.

Xhamsterlive’s porn videos are in no way subtle – their models are ready to make you scream their names through the phone. They will leave you fully satisfied, and it does not matter what model you choose.

You can enjoy some exciting and erotic private shows on Xhamsterlive, which is pretty easy to operate, so you will have no problem achieving your goal.

And as for models, you will always find what you are looking for on Xhamsterlive, be it girls with big tits and hairy pussies, muscular guys with fat cocks, couples that are willing to get extremely dirty, and trans hotties who would leave you coming back for more.


Is Xhamsterlive safe?

Xhamsterlive is a reliable and safe cam site where the models put in a lot of work to give you the utmost satisfaction. Xhamsterlive uses a secure encrypted connection that encrypts traffic when you insert sensitive data (HTTPS).

You can protect yourself further by reading through Xhamsterlive’s Privacy policy and not inserting your personal information.

Is Xhamsterlive a Scam?

Xhamsterlive is a legit porn platform that is safe for you to access. Although it is not an original platform, as some of its videos are taken from another cam site called Stripchat (they are somewhat connected), this does not stop it from getting a high number of visitors daily.

Xhamsterlive is trusted by many with less negative reviews, so you can rest assured that it is not a scam.

How do I sign up as a performer on Xhamsterlive?

If you are more interested in getting dicks hard and pussies wet rather than satisfying your horny self, you can sign up as a performer on Xhamsterlive.

To sign up on Xhamsterlive, scroll to the bottom of your screen and click on become a model under ‘work with us.’ You will be asked to create a model account by inserting a username and a valid email. A password will be sent to the email, which you can use to log in to your account.

Can I use Xhamsterlive for free?

Xhamsterlive is one of the few cam sites that allows you to watch numerous sexy videos for free. You can watch the videos on Xhamsterlive to your heart’s content and occasionally tip the model if you want her to be nastier.

You can also create an account for free on Xhamsterlive to enjoy more benefits. When you want to watch private shows, it requires the use of tokens that can be purchased for money. Also, there is a VIP membership on Xhamsterlive, which gives more benefits but is quite expensive.

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